Mission, Philosophy, Beliefs


St. John Vianney Catholic School, is a communion of cultures united in the love of Christ, where through prayer, spiritual and academic formation, and service, students are empowered to reach their full academic and spiritual potential in a diverse world.


St. John Vianney School, inspired by the pastoral, “To Teach as Jesus Did,” has as its purpose the formation of its students into creative, Christ-centered persons. We strive to provide a Christian environment where the faith of our students can become living, conscious and active. Our school affords the fullest and best opportunity to realize the threefold purposes of Christian education; that is, to teach doctrine, to build Christian community and to provide service to others. Our school places a high priority on the formation of Catholic leaders who are prepared to be active, contributing citizens in a global society.

Statement of Beliefs
  1.  Each student is a unique child of God.
  2. Student learning is a priority in this school.
  3. A safe and comfortable learning environment promotes learning and success.
  4. A Catholic school reflects the integration of Catholic faith and values with learning and life.
  5. Pastors, principals, teachers, parents, advisory organizations, and members of the parish share the responsibility for the mission of the school.
  6. The opportunity for success is an important component of student learning.
  7. Students learn in a variety of ways.
  8. Catholic education is an integral part of the Church’s mission to proclaim the gospel message of Jesus, to build faith communities, to celebrate through worship, and to serve others without distinction.
  9. The school program reflects Christian values of social justice and peace.
  10. A healthy learning environment is everyone’s responsibility.