CYS (Catholic Youth Sports)

  • Students in grades PreK4 through 5th can participate in Grade School CYS Sports.
  • Students in grades 6-8 can participate in Middle School CYS Sports.
Physical Education Teacher                                               Physical Education Assistant

Tom Raymond                                                                                           Joanne Morrison                                                                   


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Mustang Club Registration Form

“ We’d like to get some more involvement from our community with these clubs. Mustang Clubs are being offered at SJV as a safe and educationally conducive alternative to other after-school events. They take place immediately after school and are taught to SJV students by SJV teachers. The instructors have committed their time, energy, and expertise. Now, all we need are the students to fill these clubs.  Thank you and please contact me with your questions.”

Thank you,
Coach Tom Raymond             407-855-4660 x271