School Advisory Board

This Board is an advisory body which assists in the operation of the educational facilities at St. John Vianney School, subject to such regulations as exist in the Canon Law of the Catholic Church, the regulations of the Diocese of Orlando and the Diocesan Board of Education.

This Board assists in the formation and implementation of policies governing the operation of St. John Vianney School.

All meetings of the School Advisory Board are open meetings. The right of anyone to address the Board shall be limited to those whose written petition has been approved for the agenda at least two weeks in advance of the meeting.

This Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM.

Scott Wall

John Arango

Fr. Miguel Gonzalez

Cathy Marshall

Assistant Principal
David Parker

Board Members
Brian Watson
Charlotte Funston
Jesse Lare
Katie Winemiller
Ricardo Villamil
Dr. Mike DiMauro

Parent Representatives
Jennifer Williamson
Pei-Ling Roerig