January 2017~Principal’s Letter

Sharing the Glory
“You are my servant, through whom I show my glory” Is: 49 Make them a temple of glory and send your Holy Spirit to dwell within them. “Parents this light is entrusted to you to be kept burning brightly”
                                                                                                      -From the Rite of Baptism

Dear St. John Vianney School Community,

The statue of St. John Vianney Web7pointing to heaven and promising to “show the young boy the way to heaven” is a visual reminder of our calling as baptized Christians and the responsibility we have to protect the life of Christ given at baptism, “On your part, you must make it your constant care to bring them up in the practice of the faith.  See that the divine life which God gives them is kept safe.” Your faith makes you ready.   -Rite of Baptism
In the liturgy the past weeks, we have reflected on St. John’s Gospel which begins with the Prologue and immediately immerses us in the opening week of Jesus’ public ministry. We hear in the scriptures that John the Baptist’s function is to point us to that light which was in Christ. John the Baptist is second place.  He was only, as he saw it, a finger-pointing to Christ.
     Our mission of discipleship as parents, teachers, and staff at St. John Vianney School is stated in three words, “Share the Glory.” Children are on loan to us, a gift to care for and treasure until they “go out to meet Christ in the heavenly kingdom.” St. John Vianney School must point to something that is beyond ourselves. In the same chapter of the Gospel of St. John verses 1:40-42, we find Andrew, who should be the patron saint of second place. He was one of the first two disciples to follow Jesus. Yet, Andrew was not one of the ones in the inner circle. Andrew’s part was bringing people into the presence of Jesus and letting the grace of God accomplish the great work of faith.  Andrew’s one desire was to “share the glory.” He is the example of a missionary heart.  He went and found his brother Simon, “We have found the Messiah.”He brought him to Jesus. Peter owed his meeting with Jesus to his brother Andrew.

Andrew was always introducing others to Jesus. There are three times in the gospel story when Andrew is brought into center stage. He brings Peter to Jesus (John 1:40), he brings to Jesus the boy with the five loaves, and he takes the inquiring Greeks into the presence of Jesus (John 12:22). It was Andrew’s great joy to bring others to Jesus. He stands out as the man whose one desire was to share the glory. Having found the friendship of Jesus, he spent all his life introducing others to that friendship. Andrew is our great example in that he could not keep Jesus to himself.

     Enrollment at St. John Vianney is an act of “sharing the glory.” It is your part in protecting your child’s light of faith and your hope of bringing them to the presence of Jesus. Together we work to point the way to God and protect the divine life given at baptism.

Look for information in just a few weeks about re-registration for the 2017-2018 school year. Detailed information about the pre-K program will be available with the re-registration information. Information will include the content and language progression of an immersion program, program goals, and the philosophy of two way immersion. The dual language program does not impact students going into Kindergarten for 2017-18.

Please save the date February 27th 6:30 pm for a presentation from Boston College on the Two-Way Immersion Network for Catholic Schools.  Two members from Boston College will present Boston College’s partnership with St. John Vianney School, and the data and research on two way immersion programs.

Your support and attendance at the auction on February 25th will directly impact the success of obtaining updated classroom technology, creation of a life-garden outside the science lab, and a creation of a mural on the gym identifying SJV as the Home of the Mustangs!

If you feel that St. John Vianney School has led your child to a good place, please introduce new families to SJV for an experience in our community of faith. Thank you for your part in pointing the way to a life of deep faith. There are many times you have taken me to the presence of Christ holding us accountable to the promise that we will partner with you in keeping your child/children’s divine life safe.

In hopes of a life in second place,

Ms. Marshall